Dog Breeding Video and Information
on Breeding Dog Mating

This is your guide to breeding dog mating.

We use dog breeding video to illustrate the normal dog mating behavior that is described in this dog breeding guide. The dog mating video clips depict various situations that can arise in breeding dog mating.

Assuming that you’ve learnt the ropes about dog breeding, have a proper contract with the owner of the stud dog you’ll be using, and have selected him with an eye to improving your breed , let’s get into it!

Breeding Dog Mating of Inexperienced Dogs

A virgin bitch will sometimes be skittish and difficult to mate. A virgin dog will often be unsure, unskilled, and definitely inexperienced!

It will greatly benefit the confidence and later performance of an inexperienced dog to be mated the first few times with an experienced bitch. It is advisable to therefore mate virgin animals to experienced animals.

Take the Bitch to the Dog

It is also wise to take the bitch to the dog rather than the other way around, as the confidence of the dog is the most important determinant of success.

First Steps to a Successful Mating

First be sure that your bitch is ready (i.e. in estrus) to mate.
Good practice is to lubricate her vagina with a NON-SPERMACIDAL jelly (from the chemist) beforehand to help the male a bit.

Normal Foreplay

It is normal to expect a bit of playful courting behavior between the bitch and the dog before the serious business of mating gets underway.

From 5 to 15 minutes of uninterrupted play and interaction should be allowed without any interference (so long as they are not hurting each other of course).

At the start of this dog breeding video there is an obvious mismatch in size between a large bitch (who doesn’t show typical estrus behavior) and a much smaller dog.

However, towards the end of this dog mating video he meets a bitch more his own size.

She displays the exaggerated foreplay of the truly in estrus bitch – flagging her tail to the side, pushing her rump in his face, and standing still when he tries to mate.

Obviously a very experienced bitch, though poor “Winston” – the male dog in this dog breeding video – is a virgin and on this occasion misses his target…


In fact, play between the two dogs may occupy the whole of their first time together. This is fine. It is best to leave them to it, and watch how matters proceed from some discreet vantage point.

Between two experienced breeding dogs, much can be gleaned about the readiness of the bitch for mating by her response to the dog’s advances and the degree of his sexual interest in her.

In this dog breeding video, at first the bitch “Perla” is clearly not ready. Notice that she sits whenever the male “Nitro” attempts to mount her and generally avoids his advances.

However, in the second take she shows all the obvious signs of estrus and the two achieve a proper mating without help.



Dog Mating Video of a Successful Dog Breeding Tie

However, if the bitch or the dog is inexperienced, they may have trouble even if the bitch is physiologically ready to mate.

Sometimes a little help will be necessary. If someone discreetly holds the bitch so she doesn’t move around, a keen dog will often then be able to focus enough to complete the task.

This dog breeding video shows an assisted mating. Notice towards the end of the video that after the dog breeding tie is achieved, the male dog dismounts her so that they become locked in a back-to-back position.

This is completely normal. The bitch cries and complains a bit and needs a steadying hand and some reassurance. This also is a normal part of dog mating behavior, especially with inexperienced bitches.



Any significant size mismatch between the two can also be compensated for by lowering or raising the back end of the bitch by standing her in a shallow depression or on a small platform.

What’s Happening During the Dog Breeding Tie?

The penis of the dog contains a bone that allows it to penetrate the bitch’s vagina before the penis becomes erect.

Once it has penetrated, the penis then becomes engorged, including swelling at the base, which is known as the bulbus glandis, that then locks the two animals together for the duration of the mating in what is known as a dog breeding tie.

The tie or lock can last up to an hour but is usually 10 to 20 minutes long.

Breeding dog video of experienced breeding dogs locked in a dog breeding tie.


In this dog breeding video both dogs are used to breeding and remain calm and relaxed.

However, it is always advisable to supervise the mating so that the male dog’s reproductive parts aren’t inadvertently damaged by the two coupled dogs twisting or dragging each other about. Some bitches will struggle and need gentle but firm restraint and reassurance to keep them still and calm.

Don’t try to separate the dogs during the tie! It can injure either or both animals. After some time, they will part naturally.

What if They Don’t Tie?

Sometimes a dog will gain penetration but will not be able to achieve a “lock” with the bitch.

Since the fertile fraction of the ejaculate is produced in the first few minutes of the mating, simply holding him into position for this time will usually be enough for the mating to be fertile. This is known as a “slipped mating”.

Overcoming Dog Breeding Problems

In pedigree dogs, it is not uncommon for either the bitch or the dog to be unable to mate.

There can be many reasons including lack of libido in either, large difference in size, arthritis or hip problems, aggression, or the dogs may simply not like each other!

When love doesn’t take its natural course, there is always the option of artificial insemination – a simple procedure that you can easily learn to do yourself with a minimum of equipment.