Toy Miniature Schnauzers

Toy Miniature Schnauzers

Is there any such thing as Toy Miniature Schnauzers? To many Miniature Schnauzer enthusiasts the answer would be an emphatic NO!

Some even say that anyone deliberately breeding the Toy size Miniature Schnauzer is “uninformed and therefore not responsible”.


Because according to prevailing Breed Standards the ideal height for the Miniature Schnauzer is 35.6 cm (14 inches) for dogs, and 33 cm (13 inches) for bitches.

In Australia the Breed Standards even state that “Too small, toyish appearing dogs are not typical, and are undesirable.”

But is that true?

Toy Miniature Schnauzers – How Big ARE They?

toy schnauzer and miniature schnauzer
Despite all the controversy about their very existence, there is an “unofficial” standard out there for Toy size Miniature Schnauzers.


Toy and mini adults at window. Image by Greg O’Connell, Flickr. Click on image to view source.
To “qualify” as Toys, they should weigh between 3.2 kg and 4.9 kg (7.1-11lbs).

As far as height, an 8lb dog would be around 9 inches tall.
So they are only about half the size of the “normal” Miniature Schnauzer which weighs 6.4 kg to 9.1kg (14 – 20 lbs) and stands 12 – 14 inches high.

So, are they just the runts of the breed? Toy enthusiasts say no!

Are We Just Revisiting the Past???

Many Schnauzer “experts” who are sticklers for the Breed Standard say that breeding Toys is unscrupulous.. That it’s just pandering to a demand in the pet-buying market for smaller dogs.

However, Toy Schnauzer breeders point out that in the original US Breed Standards for the Miniature Schnauzer the correct size was 10 to 12 inches, so they were only 8 to 12 lbs… pretty close to the so-called “Toy standards” today.

Apparently, over the years the Breed Standard has shifted up to its current 12 to 14 inch level, so that bigger dogs could win shows!

There is always official resistance to accepting “new” breeds. I reckon that eventually …and it could take years, but it will happen.. the Toy and perhaps even the Teacup will be duly recognized.

After all, we now have Giant, Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodles, so why not Schnauzers?

Things to Watch Out for with the Tiny Schnauzers

toy miniature schnauzers

Romeo the stud toy miniature schnauzer in Canada. Click to see source.


I love the “normal” Miniature sized dogs – they are tough little dogs.

Being robust and strong they are perfect for the rough and tumble of healthy family life. (Though you still wouldn’t leave even a mini-sized pup at the mercy of a toddler, would you!).

Less so with the Toy Miniature Schnauzers… and definitely not so for the Teacups…

Though the pint-sized Schnauzers definitely have “novelty” value, they are not suited as playmates for boisterous children.

Being so much more delicate, it is all too easy to fracture their skull or snap a leg. A knock on the head can result in hydrocephalus (water on the brain)… an incurable condition.

The smaller size also increases their susceptibility to damaged ligaments such as luxated patella (dislocated knee) – jumping up and down from furniture onto slippery household floors, the weaker structure of the finer joints put them at risk of such injuries.

So if you have a gentle family and carpets throughout, by all means consider the Toy. Otherwise, I’d stick to the Miniature Schnauzer!

Then again, many Minis have told me they wish they were smaller so they could fit better on my lap… so a Toy at the bigger end of the scale could be pretty perfect after all!


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