We last put a article about our Cassie R.I.P. Well now we are so very pleased to let everyone know our wonderful news. Cassie was our whole life she was our every thing and life without her wasn’t the same. We missed her every thing she did but most of all we missed her love and the love we couldn’t give to her, we had nothing.
We were invited to a schnauzer picnic and so we went. That was out mistake as it just showed us just how much we needed a baby in our lives. Putting our name down with a breeder was the start, we were told at least 12 months and we were ready to wait.Two weeks later we received a call wanting to know if we wanted a black and silver baby girl. You don’t have to guess what we said, it was the biggest yes we have ever said. Talk about two people panicking, getting into the 4×4 and off we went. On arriving at the designated place our hearts were beating so fast and then the breeder arrived and with her the most precious little thing,yes our new baby girl Tears filled our eyes as we looked at this tinny little thing. Yes it was love at first site, how could you not love her, her eyes said it all take me home love me and I will love you in return so that is what we did, and yes we love her and she loves us. Contentment is what we now feel, but in our hearts is still another love that love is Cassie our other baby of 16 years the one we lost. We hope that you all feel the love that we now feel, it is unconditional just remember that if you love you will be loved in return, isn’t that what we all want. Regards Denice & Peter.