Hi Meg,

I read in your recent interview something about making your puppies sleep in crates and I was curious.. Daisy is just over 8 weeks old, and we picked her up 2 days ago. She has been sleeping next to my room on a sheepskin rug and blanket, and we’ve tried the clock trick underneath with a hot water bottle. I know a bit of crying is normal at night due to her having to leave her family, but I was wondering if crate sleeping is recommended rather than leaving her in a closed room? I try to go and calm her down if she cries then leave her again, where she then sleeps another couple hours usually.

Thanks very much,



Hi Ash

I train my puppies to sleep in a crate before they leave here. Once used to it a puppy will often feel very safe in the cosy, hidden environment of a crate. Another trick to ease the transition to their new home is to send them with a sock stuffed with a piece of their litter blanket, which I also rub into my shoes. The familiar smells of home are soothing. Now that you have Daisy, I suggest putting a nice smelly sock of your own in her bed with her. Have a crate around during the day with an old sheepskin rug or something else nice and comfortable and encourage her to sleep in it during nap times (never force her in though). Once she’s used to it, you can lock her in to aid toilet training, or leave it open in a small puppy playpen lined with newspaper (and equipped with a toilet area of familiar potty substrate) for overnight or when you have to go out for a while. Take her out for toilet just before you go to bed then leave her until first thing in the morning. If you respond to her cries during the night she is training you, rather than you training her!