This is a fantastic site and I wonder if there is a similar one in the UK? My question is about stones, as I am very keen to get a Black Miniature Schnauzer puppy as a pet, not for show. If any one knows of a brilliant breeder in the UK, please let me know (not a puppy farm or linebred). I just have one concern about the breeds dispensation to Struvite and oxalate stones and, aside from fresh water and lots of exercise, wonder a) is this something that the breeder should be testing the parents for? and b) do you as owners of Miniture Schnauzers choose a special kind of diet to help avoid your dog from getting stones? I’ve read about PRA testsd but on the issue of stones, I’d be grateful for more advice and thoughts. Best, James

MEG: The genetic tests available are very limited. Your best defence against any inherited defect is what you are already doing – avoiding line and inbred dogs.