Barking Dog Video Starring Miniature Schnauzers!

In this barking dog video set featuring exclusively Schnauzer video, they really express themselves! It’s not just dog barking video here – these guys do more than bark – they also sing and howl (there IS a difference!).

So turn the volume up real loud, lay back and get ready to listen to the music. From romantic crooners to heavy metal, we have it all.

Schuey Howls his way through Happy Birthday

Schnauzer Schumacher enjoys singing Happy Birthday.  Schuey has always loved howling. He’s a very vocal schnauzer! Move over Celine Dion, you have some real competition here!





Here we go Rooby Roo

Rooby Roo is into the dramatic! Or maybe he has been watching too many Scooby Do cartoons?





Cricket wants her dinner

What lengths does a lady have to go to to get good service these days? Cricket wants her dinner and if she has to yell to make it happen, then she’ll do whatever it takes!




Christmas carol with a difference

This is a real White Christmas carol! In this video two White Schnauzers perform a spirited little number that will have your own dogs howling for more…





Puppy Lucy’s first bark

Lucy the baby Miniature Schnauzer expresses herself verbally for the very first time! Very cute…