Canine Artificial Insemination: A Dog Breeding Problems Solution

Canine Artificial Insemination:
Your Dog Breeding Problems Solution!

Canine artificial insemination is the sure-fire solution to dog breeding problems. And the great thing is that it’s easy to learn how to do dog AI in your own home.

Every dog breeder experiences breeding dog mating behavior hassles from time to time. As a Veterinarian, I’ve seen them all! For example:

• The bitch doesn’t like the dog, or he doesn’t fancy her.


• Dog or bitch is aggressive and they might harm each other.


• The male dog has a low libido.


• The dog or the bitch is inexperienced and just can’t “get it together”.


• Injury (e.g. hips, lameness, arthritis) prevents a natural mating.

Dog breeding problems are sooooo frustrating! “They would make beautiful puppies, if only I could get his semen into her…” Well now you can!


Canine A.I. – What’s Involved?
As our video trailer shows, canine A.I. basically involves collecting semen from the chosen male dog, and transferring it into the vagina of the chosen female:



With the Right Equipment and Right Techniques YOU Can DIY AI Too!

canineNo matter what size dogs you have….

No matter if you finished high school or not…

Everything you need to do this like a pro is in our Canine AI Kit including:

Full DVD that you can play on any computer or DVD player.

All the specialized equipment you need for the job.

18 page Handbook to explain everything you need to know.

Works on all breeds

Can be reused over and over again

All this for just USD$59.95 ($79.95 AUD) 
including postage anywhere in the world.

So, What Exactly’s in the Kit?

1. The right AI equipment:

breeding dog mating

It includes:


• Semen Collection Vial.


• An appropriately sized re-usable syringe.


• A soft, pliable pipette that will not damage your bitch. This pipette is fully washable and can be reused dozens of times.


• A washable catheter that fits snugly into the pipette to effect perfect semen transfer.


• A clinical thermometer.

• A tube of lubricant jelly.

• A pair of gloves.

All you need to complete the kit is A large food-grade plastic or metal bowl to act as your water-bath.

2. The right AI techniques – as demonstrated fully in the DVD.

canine artificial insemination

• Step-by-step I show you and walk you through every part of the process… Making it dead easy for you to do it too.

• Exactly how to stimulate your male to provide the semen you need.

• Precisely how to introduce the pipette into your bitch so that you cause no harm or future aversion to being AI’d, and safeguard her comfort.



3. Canine Artificial Insemination Handbook

dog breeding problems

• Proper use of equipment to protect sperm viability. You can easily kill the sperm if you don’t know this!


• What you must do to avoid hurting your bitch, complete with full diagrams that explain how.

• Clever ways to use AI.

• Important tips to ensure your success.

• Raising your stud dog to be easy to collect.

• Special trick to collecting from the stud without even needing a bitch on heat present!

• How to clean and store your equipment.


All this for only USD$59.95 including postage.
Click here to buy.

When failure-to-mate is no longer a problem, what will those extra litters and service fees be worth to you?
Imagine how great it will feel to finally take control of the dog breeding process forever and never be stumped and frustrated again!

Easily be the best investment you will ever make in your dog breeding passion.

Hi Meg

Just wanted to let you know I used the AI kit I bought some time ago. I did the procedures single-handed! Rather chuffed about that. Your instructions, DVD, etc. are just fantastic. Also having a compliant boy and girl helped a lot too. Fingers crossed it worked. If not, it doesn’t matter. It was good to go through the process. If I had visited my vet it would have cost me between $200 and $400 for the 3 inseminations. Thanks for making the kits and information available.

Julia L, Perth WA Australia

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