Dancing Dog Video Starring Nimble Mini Schnauzers!

Mini Schnauzer Dancing Dog Video Set!

Welcome to our Mini Schnauzers dancing dog video collection: funny dog video featuring clever Mini twinkle-toes in action!

Mini Schnauzers sure know how to dance… With their beautiful athletic bodies, natural agility and sheer intelligence (well at least they’ll do almost anything for food) they have what it takes to out-dance any dog.

Maybe it’s a sign of the Poodle in their ancestry… who knows?

One thing is for sure – once you’ve seen our dancing Schnauzer video series you’ll agree that our clever little breed would be very much at home in the circus spotlight twirling in a tutu.

I reckon they’d give Fred Astaire a run for his money!

This first one is my favourite…

Move over Mickey Mouse…

Coz here comes Minni the Mini Schnauzer, dancing her little heart out! This is funny dog video at its best…

This guy is a real smarty pants…

Dancing is just a small part of his impressive repertoire. He dances, he does tricks, he is one smart dog!

As I was saying about food…

This video shows how low a Mini Schnauzer will go for a treat! It might be a bit…um… undignified, but here is Julius dancing for his supper…

Seen any angels lately?

A beautifully choreographed video starring Angel the Schnauzer and her graceful ballet performance accompanied by haunting music.

We hope you enjoyed this dancing Schnauzer video collection, and will do our best to find more great funny dog videos to add to it.


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