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“I Will Teach You How to Run an
Ethical Dog Breeding Business &
Make Money at the Same Time.”
(If you are thinking of breeding dogs,
don’t do anything until you read this.)

I Thought I Knew it All…
Before Meg’s guide, I had a lot of knowledge on showing and breeding dogs (after nearly 50 years experience).I thought I knew it all, but now I have learnt so much more after reading this wonderful guide. It is easy to understand, and will benefit all dog owners. It covers every aspect of the breeding dog’s life.Lauris Hudson, Silvanglen Kennels, Arncliffe, Sydney NSW

Date: 1 May 2010

From: Dr Meg Howe

Dear Dog Lover

If you’d like to know how I make a healthy hobby income from just a few pampered pets – while raising the standards for ethical dog breeding – then this is going to be one of the most interesting letters you’ll ever read.

I would like to offer you the most qualified instruction on dog breeding available online today.

Imagine how much more confident you will be in your dog breeding venture when guided by a mentor who is not only an experienced dog breeder but a Veterinarian as well!

Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to start an elite dog breeding business from someone who is actually qualified to teach you?

I am a Veterinarian dedicated to the welfare of dogs who discovered the profit that lies hidden in my pets almost 20 years ago.

My little group of treasured dogs keeps a very healthy cash injection coming in several times a year (it’s easy to earn $20,000 a year from just 2 to 3 litters and more if you want it).

Why drag yourself off to a part-time job you hate when you can earn great money in only a fraction of the hours, doing something you love that truly benefits others?

Imagine what you could do with all that lovely cash, and how you could spend all the extra spare time “working” as a dog breeder gives you.

If you love dogs, adore puppies and enjoy helping people, and want to be recognized as the BEST dog breeder in town, why shouldn’t this be you too?

It CAN be you, but only if you learn my elite dog breeding system.

Do you need to be a Veterinarian to do this? No! Running an ethical, profitable dog breeding business is not rocket science. You can easily learn how if you follow the simple steps I will teach you.

In fact, I’ll Reveal to You, Step-by-Step, Absolutely
Everything You Need To Know About Starting An
Elite Dog Breeding Business … Without All The Problems.”

I Would Recommend This to My Dog Owners Any Time…I have found this dog breeding guide comprehensive, insightful and very user friendly for people setting out to become either small or big scale dog breeders.I would recommend it to my dog owners any time.Dr Zelda van der Merwe (BVSc), Veterinarian, Perth, Western Australia

In fact, look at my testimonials

…they’re proof from other experienced breeders, vets and total newbies that my dog breeding program really does deliver.

Okay, so would you like to know how I do it? No problem, I reveal exactly how in my elite Dog Breeding Business program.
I’m going to teach you my easy but superior system
for running a dog breeding business.
Imagine… running your own easy dog breeding business from home.

The phone rings…. It’s yet another person calling you up wanting to pay to be on your waiting list, just from word-of-mouth recommendations. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

That’s what happens to me all the time and is a natural result of being the best in the business.

This Will Help Me Save a Fortune on Vet Bills…
As an experienced breeder myself I found this manual wonderful. It was great to read something from a qualified vet which will help me save a fortune on vet bills in the future. I have picked up a lot of new tips and tricks to make my own breeding program work better for me.I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is in the process of starting out in dog breeding or who has been breeding already and would like to better their program as I have done. Thank you Meg again for a wonderful read!! Anne C., Anne’s Dog Grooming, Capel WA Tel 0405 455 326


The World NEEDS More Ethical Dog Breeders Like YOU!
Most information you’ll come across online about dog breeding blatantly discourages you from doing it for a variety of reasons.

Don’t listen to these people! Here’s why….

Ethical dog breeding is the ONLY way to stamp out inbreeding.

Some “Show” breeders reckon only people like them, dedicated to “improving the breed,” should be allowed to breed dogs.

Everyone else is deemed a “backyard breeder” irresponsibly “damaging” the breed.

But as revealed in the BBC program “Pedigree Dogs Exposed,” breeding to win shows has encouraged decades of inbreeding, directly responsible for escalating and tragic health problems in pedigree dogs. So why should you listen to them? You can be a lot better breeder than that!

Ethical dog breeding is the ONLY way we can prevent dogs from ending up in dog shelters.

Some sincere but misguided folks will try to convince you that you shouldn’t breed because the world is already overpopulated with discarded dogs.

Yes the dog shelters are crammed with unwanted dogs BUT ethical dog breeding is the only way to stop this problem!

Only Ethical Dog Breeders build permanent, happy homes for dogs because unlike most breeders out there we:

• Breed healthy, appropriate breeds that make great pets for their suburban owners.

• Educate new owners on how to socialize and train their dogs properly, and

• Are discriminating about the homes we send them to.

Ethical dog breeders really and truly care. It is their business to forge permanent, fulfilling relationships between their dogs and their clients, and therefore help people get the most out of owning their dogs.

I am proud to be such a dog breeder and to mentor responsible people like you on how to be the best.

Even I Found It Educational…


Hi Meg, I must say your Recording Essentials guide has taught me a thing or two about recording all information down! The Breeding manual is very useful and would be a great help for anyone wanting to breed pups.

I’m sure it will help people, as even I found it very educational in dog breeding. An impressive package!


Lee-Ann Richards, Yorkston Kennels, Cooks Gap, NSW, Australia.

Australia work at home Australia

The Most Expensive Mistake of Your Life
…is listening to the naysayers.
They’ll warn that your dog breeding business can’t … or shouldn’t… make money.

Firstly, for the ethical dog breeder money is not the prime motivation. The welfare of the puppies – and their new owners – is.

From being the best money flows naturally without actively seeking it.

However, there seems to be no shortage of people out there who fall over themselves to tell you that you can’t – or shouldn’t plan to – make money breeding dogs. Why? Because their own dog breeding business loses money.

Why Some People Almost
Always LOSE Money Breeding Dogs
Many responsible breeders will tell you that producing a litter of quality puppies just breaks even against the expenses.

And most of these people are genuinely “into” their dogs and know a lot about them. (Hey… If you don’t have the passion then start looking for another business!)

So, if their claims are true, what is going on?

There’s actually several issues here. But they can all be rolled into one over-arching biggy:

Dog Breeders Are Notoriously Bad at Business.

Let me explain… Many lack basic customer service skills.

I am frequently told by my customers how they went to 6 other breeders before choosing me as the source of their new puppy. When I ask why I get the same old answers:

• The breeder was rude or arrogant.

• The breeder wouldn’t let them see the parent dogs (or sometimes even the puppies!).

• The dogs were kept in an unsavory or kennel prison environment.

• The breeder and/or their dogs were poorly presented.

• The breeder was unhelpful, dishonest and/or unknowledgeable.

• The breeder didn’t offer a reasonable health guarantee.

In other words dog breeders lack basic customer service skills! (If you don’t believe me, contact a few of them and judge for yourself.)

Any businessperson would fail, and fail fast if they conducted their business like that! Dog breeding is no different.

Great News for Smart Dog Lovers: It’s Not That Hard to Be the Best!

Though their heart is mostly in the right place, most breeders do not manage their businesses properly. This provides a great opportunity for smart dog lovers because the competition is easy to beat.

If you can provide great customer service, deliver Health Guaranteed, clean and adorable puppies that will make ideal pets, and avoid the common pitfalls, your dog breeding business will be lasting and profitable.

This Little Mistake Costs One Dog Breeder $10,000 a Year.
The common dog breeding business mistakes don’t end there…. Here’s another biggie and as a Veterinarian I have seen it time and time again (maybe it affects YOU?).

Most dog breeders don’t pick the right breed!

THEY might have fallen in love with their breed, but no one else wants it!

For example, I know someone who is smitten with French Mastiffs: great, big, adorably ugly dogs that slobber everywhere. They might be fine on a farm, but most people don’t live on a farm…..

Because of their size it costs heaps to feed them, worm them, treat them and take them to the vet. They also do enormous poos! It all costs money or time for you – and is a major put-off for potential clients.

If you want to be a successful dog breeder, then do your research and choose a breed that people actually want – one that offers great benefits as a pet, benefits you can tell potential clients about.
Are you starting to see what a big difference the breed you choose can make?

To compound the error, like many other breeds, my friend’s are notorious for needing a caesarian to give birth. Another example is the British Bulldog – only one in every ten births is delivered naturally …and there are many more like that.

Here’s other common mistakes dog breeders make…

They don’t feed their dogs the right stuff (and NO it’s not Eukanuba or some other ridiculously expensive but nevertheless processed food that some breeders erroneously believe must be the “best” because it costs the most). An unsound diet sets their dogs up for expensive health problems and poor reproductive performance.

Or… They fail to exercise their dogs and keep them fit, or… they don’t know how to deal with minor doggie health issues at home. Or… they haven’t trained their dogs to lie still on command so they can pull out that grass seed rather than running to the vet. And on… and on….

Can you see how problems like these can eat into your profits? (And I’ve only scratched the surface here.)

Now I am Feeling Confident…Before I read Meg’s Breeding manual, dog breeding was something I had always wanted to do but never had the confidence. But now I am feeling confident and positive about taking our dog, Miss Lizzy from puppyhood to motherhood.It is fantastic to find a package that has all the essential information you need. And the processes of ovulation and birthing are no longer a mystery to me!

I really like the way Meg talks about the pitfalls to look out for, and how to avoid them so that we can give our dog every opportunity to breed successfully.

Tina Dease, Mundaring, WA

So Who Else Wants to Make a Healthy Hobby
Income Breeding Dogs?
Dogs are an important part of many people’s lives, and the demand has never been higher.

Ever skim through the “Pets” section of the weekend classifieds?

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are a LOT of people selling puppies.

Why? Because the demand is huge! In the United States alone there are about 46 million families that own a dog. This is a staggering number.

The dog truly is man’s best friend.

If you love them too you could actually have a lot of fun – and the satisfaction of helping others to find their best mate – that’s financially rewarding at the same time.

The other thing that might register as you glance down the puppy ads is the PRICE.

The average, popular breed puppy sells for $1000 upwards. When you start multiplying this by the number of puppies in a litter, you are starting to talk seriously useful dollars.

Just imagine… With just a few litters you could earn enough to be off on a dream holiday every year. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Starting a dog breeding business can be
both exciting and terrifying…
What are your options if you don’t know a lot about dog breeding?

You could become an apprentice with a master dog breeder or take some veterinary courses before starting your own dog breeding business.

Or better yet, find someone who is both a master breeder and a Veterinarian, and who is willing to teach you everything you need to know…
ebook guide: starting a dog breeding business

I’ve put EVERYTHING I learned in 5 years of Veterinary School and almost 20 years as a professional dog breeder into one comprehensive, easy to understand and follow eBook that covers ALL you need to know to succeed in your dog breeding business.
What that means for YOU is that you get access
to good, solid, qualified advice
you can trust to really work.

Starting a dog breeding business has never been easier!

Here’s A Sample of What You’ll Learn from
My Guide to Running a Dog Breeding Business:
• Easy steps to setting up your dog breeding environment• 5 essentials for getting the paperwork right• The 12 secrets of success for choosing the right breed• 7 crucial tips to picking great breeding dogs• 10 simple steps to raising healthy, easy to handle dogs

Essential health checks to tick off before breeding

• How to avoid the common mistake most breeders make to achieve a successful mating

Trouble-shooting poor fertility

• Handling pregnancy like a pro

The secret tip to discovering the exact day whelping will occur

• How to calmly and confidently handle the birth

How to prevent the dreaded MILK FEVER

• What to do if a newborn puppy won’t breath

6 crucial steps in caring for newborn puppies

• 8 killer tips to marketing your puppies

How to have your clients raving to generate heaps of word-of-mouth orders

dog breeding guide guarantee

No one else with this level of
expertise and experience
is offering you this!


Follow a proven system that really works.
With the simple steps in my eBook to guide
you, you CAN succeed in your dog
breeding business and have fun doing it, I GUARANTEE IT!
Try it RISK-FREE for 60 Days.
If you don’t believe it can help you to breed dogs successfully then I will refund 100% of your money, guaranteed.


“Is it hard to learn all the Secrets of Dog Breeding Success?”
No! Running a dog breeding business is not rocket science! Your dogs are just doing what comes naturally.

What YOU need to do is learn how to support them with the right diet, exercise and care… and be fully informed in the correct way to handle breed selection, dog selection, mating, whelping, puppy rearing and selling….

All of this is easily done by following the simple steps that are fully explained in the 120 information-packed pages of my eBook – specially designed to be a dog breeding guide for beginners and experienced breeders alike.

To Fast Track the Success
of Your Dog Breeding Business
and Make Absolutely Sure
You Have Everything You Could Possibly
Need I’ll Also Give You These 5 FREE Bonus Resources

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Bonus #1: Value $14.95
A Beginner’s Guide to Common Canine Ailments
Know what’s wrong and how to deal with it… without having to run to your Vet!This eBook is 62 pages packed with essential tips and professional dog husbandry practices that will empower you to manage any common canine health issue.You will learn how to deal effectively with a wide range of common canine health issues. This information is invaluable to the aspiring dog breeder!
Bonus #2: Value $9.95
How to Raise a Puppy: A Guide for New Owners
I print out a copy of this 34 page eBook for all my puppy buyers and they love it!It’s an absolute MUST HAVE for any dog breeding business that wants to generate great referrals and long puppy waiting lists…It not only helps your clients get the most out of their new puppy – for life – but also sets you above all others as a truly responsible and caring dog breeder!

“How to Raise a Puppy” covers all aspects of how to raise a puppy the right way.

Bonus #3:
Pedigree Software
This simple to use software records up to 5 generations, easily converts into a web page for online promotion of your dogs, takes little disc space, and highlights champions.Every serious breeder will find Pedigree Software a valuable tool for both keeping and sharing records of their dogs’ ancestries.
Bonus #4: Value $7.95
Recording Essentials for Breeding Success
Without meticulous records you won’t be able to monitor the health of your dogs and your dog breeding business will suffer!These record sheets will help you to keep your finger on the pulse of all aspects of your dog breeding enterprise.Knowing what to record and when to record it is essential to optimizing mating success, monitoring pregnancy, and knowing if your whelpings are going well or not.

This “Recording Essentials” eBook helps you stay in control of your business.

Bonus #5: Value $11.95
How to Train Your Dog the Easy Way
Well trained dogs are a tribute of your dog breeding professionalism, and make all aspects of dog care and breeding a breeze.Put FUN into your dog breeding enterprise by learning how to train your dogs for easily handling and good behavior the EASY way! This concise and comprehensive 25 page eBook will show you how.


That’s 258 pages absolutely packed with expert information that you won’t find anywhere else!
Dog breeding for beginners

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