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Looking for friendly and reliable dog breeding information? If you are thinking about breeding a dog, our dog breeding guide will get you started.

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Information on dog breeding you can trust

dog breeding information

Starting with the genetics of dog breeding we follow the process through to help you…

…From the breeding cycle of the dog breeding contracts, from dog mating issues to management of the pregnant bitch.

In all, information on dog breeding you can trust from a veterinarian with 19 years of experience as a registered dog breeder.

What You Can Learn Here!

Canine Artificial Insemination – watch the video here!

The genetics of dog breeding

Line breeding dogs…why not???

Selective dog breeding guidelines

Understanding the breeding cycle of the dog

The dog breeding contract

Getting the timing for dog breeding right

Breeding dog mating video clips and helpful information

Dog breeding gestation and caring for the pregnant bitch

Interested in starting a dog breeding business?

Ready to get serious? Want to succeed first time round? All this is just a small taste of the information you can access for an investment of under $30 US in my comprehensive
Dog Breeding Guide.