Dog Health Nutrition. Canine Nutrition the Natural Way.

Dog Health Nutrition.
Canine Nutrition the Natural Way.

Dog health nutrition has at last evolved beyond what I and every other vet was taught at veterinary school.

Dog health nutrition heeds the call of the wild

Thanks to some brilliant veterinarians, canine nutrition is now heeding the call of the wild!

So let’s look at why you can achieve better nutrition for your dog via a natural dog diet alternative…

Nature provides the answers on dog health nutrition

I am a veterinarian and a breeder of Miniature Schnauzers. And as a convert to the notion that “Nature knows best”, I strive to provide my dogs with a diet as close to natural as possible.

Why? Well, two reasons…

Evolution is wiser than man

Firstly, who am I (or anyone else for that matter) to argue with millions of years of evolution?

Though in appearance most breeds are far removed from their ancestors, all dogs are descended from the wolf, and so it’s only commonsense that their diets should simulate the eating habits of healthy wolves.

Some veterinarians are wiser than their teachers

Secondly, at the outset of my dog breeding venture I came across the work of veterinarian Dr Ian Billinghurst.

Drawing upon his observations and trials during 25 years as a small animal veterinarian he developed a natural dog diet based around raw meaty bones (complemented by other essential foods).

The results speak for themselves

He, and other veterinarians who have given the “raw meaty bones” based diet a go, found that dogs placed on such a diet showed dramatic improvement in their health.

There was also often spontaneous recovery from flea bite allergy and other ailments commonly seen today in dogs fed commercial convenience dog rations.

Dog owners who have tried it are amazed at the improvement to their clients’ and pets’ health.

I’ve been feeding a home made, biologically appropriate raw food diet to my Miniature Schnauzers for 18 years during which they have enjoyed exceptional health and been free of reproductive problems.

Many of the “common” ailments that afflict domestic dogs today mysteriously disappear when they are switched from commercial convenience dog foods to a natural dog diet comprising Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF diet).

And when a dog regularly eats raw bones, its teeth are cleaned and gums massaged.

And the stress of bone eating in young dogs strengthens the teeth and ensures they are firmly rooted in the jaws. The result is strong, clean healthy teeth and gums.

A Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or BARF diet for dogs is a sensible attempt to simulate the natural dog diet.

What is natural dog health nutrition?

If you go back far enough in the ancestry of any dog, you’ll arrive back at the wolf.

Millions of years of evolution have designed the wolf to adapt perfectly to its natural diet. So if wild food is plentiful, excellent dog health nutrition always results.

Natural dog health nutrition - a whole rabbit!

When a wild dog eats a rabbit, partridge or what have you, it ingests not only the meat and bones, but also the offal and intestines, along with the partly digested vegetables and grains inside them.

Despite generations of domestication, modern dogs haven’t lost their taste for the natural dog diet.

Sounds a bit yuk, but if you’ve ever been around horses with your dog you’ll soon see how much they relish eating feces! And we’ve all seen our dog eat grass…

Yes, they instinctively know that vegetables (fresh or predigested) are an important part of dog health nutrition.

Seasonally, that wolf would also get a good dose of dairy foods from eating the intestines of suckling calves and fawns, and the milk filled udders of their mothers.

I’ve seen foxes kill young goat kids and only eat the milky intestines, leaving the rest untouched.

Most wild dogs will also supplement their diet with eggs, herbs and berries. While domesticated dogs have lost the habit, wild dogs like dingoes constantly forage and are happy to fill up on insects, small lizards and wild fruits.

The message here?

Since all of these are essentially raw, then it makes sense to furnish a complex variety of raw foods and vegetables to your dog.


Check out the DIY natural dog diet  for optimal dog health nutrition.


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