Dog Obedience Video. Dog Training Download Video and Book Sets.

Dog Obedience Video.
Dog Training Download
Video and Book Sets.

Dog obedience video is a very effective and popular medium for ordinary people to learn how to train their dog.

Like most skills, dog training is a lot easier to understand when you see someone demonstrate it for you, and where you get the chance to hear the dog training commands exactly, including what to say and how to say it.

Dog Obedience Video shows you how to use the tone of your voice to exaggerate a command and get the most out of your dog’s training.

When dog training, a lot is conveyed to your dog through body language. Dog obedience training videos trump again, as you get to actually see what the correct posture and hand signals are.

E-books only show pictures, which may not give you the right idea as to what has to be done. If all you have to work from is a book or audio, it is all too easy to read instructions and misinterpret them.

And unlike the time it takes to download and print and read a whole eBook, with dog obedience video you just switch on play – and the actions demonstrated save you thousands of words of reading.

Each of the non violent dog training video sets I review below can be attempted by you as effectively as the trainer in the video. Unlike weekly lessons with your dog trainer, you can watch these over and over again until you “get it”.

And being dog training download video, you don’t have to wait ages for the post, like you do with a physical dog dvd training video – you get it instantly!


#1 Pick Dog Obedience Video Set

Dog Obedience Training US$39.95

Dog Obedience Training is a complete training guide for puppies through to older dogs.It provides 8 great videos that draw attention to the most significant dog training techniques. “Live” and proficiently documented, the videos are educational and concise, and are perfect for the dog owner who might not be familiar with anything regarding dog training.

The program also includes an easy to follow e-Book that includes over 100 step-by-step photos and is a very informative. It covers over-aggression, chewing, barking, digging, crate training, house training, biting/nipping, separation anxiety, fighting between dogs, commands/tricks, selecting and raising a new puppy & how to understand and communicate with their dogs effectively.

You can also take a trial of what they are providing by signing up to the 6 day mini e-course free of charge. Click Here To Read Customers’ Testimonials

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#2 Pick Dog Obedience Video Set

Dove Cresswell US$38.97

This is a good product created by Dove Cresswell a professional Hollywood dog trainer. Dove has made dog training fun and easy to follow with her 7 instruction videos that cover house breaking, crate training, obedience training, the recall, walking politely on the leash, and special tricks. These dog training lessons are comprehensive and effective and include lots of advice, tips and tricks.

The video and audio clarity is top notch. The only disadvantage that there is to this course is that it is entirely video-based, so doesn’t cover the level of detail that an eBook could.

Free bonuses include being able to consult with Dove by email, plus you also get 7 professional sound recordings covering how to teach your dog to fetch, play soccer, play hide ‘n’ seek, and agility, as well as how to choose the right toys for your dog, earn his respect, and feed him right too.

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#3 Pick Dog Obedience Video Set

Dogploma $34.95

Dogploma takes the hard work and frustration out of dog training. Each lesson is based on positive teaching methods that encourage your dog to learn by making lessons fun.

The five, 1 hr videos cover all you need to know including basic obedience commands, dealing with jumping on people, how to stop your pet from using your couch, stopping biting and nipping and destructive behavior, preventing dog fights and digging, mounting and more! However, the videos are a bit static being photos and audio rather than live dog training.

But here’s a unique feature: Dogploma is also available as a PODCAST so you can take the lessons down to the park with your dog and learn on the spot!

If you prefer, you can instead get it as a 164 page eBook which is very clear and full of pictures, step-by-step lessons, and case studies. Since not everyone learns things the same way, it’s great to be able to get the media of your choice! And for a slightly higher price you can get all 3 formats.

Free bonuses include private email consultations plus 5 eBooks on dealing with dog aggression, barking, dog grooming, crate training and house training.

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