Funny Dog Video Set Starring the Cleverest Miniature Schnauzers

The Clever Schnauzer Funny Dog Video Set!

This funny dog video set shows off Miniature Schnauzers being very very clever. Here Minis perform some amazing tricks that are entertaining and downright smart!

But while Miniature Schnauzers are pretty intelligent dogs, they can’t take all the credit… Every trick they perform is a reflection of the fabulous training skills of their owners.

I’m just happy if my dogs sit, stay and come on command… Oh well… Are you like that? After watching these clever dogs and owners you might just feel inspired to raise the bar a little!

Wow! These Minis are smart!

A Salt and Pepper with a lot of talent

A flawless series of tricks by Mini who sits pretty, jumps over his owner’s arm, falls “dead” when shot, rolls over, performs ballet, a groovy jive, and dizzying spin… and even shows his belly! But that’s not all…


Very fetching

All she does is fetch, but she is so pretty and “fetching” herself that I had to put this beautiful White Schnauzer in here!

Fetching is a hallmark of a trainable dog. And you can see how keen she is to play this game…


Move over Mickey Mouse…

Coz here comes Minni the Mini Schnauzer, dancing her little heart out!


Sophia runs through her paces…

Sophia is another White Schnauzer who goes through a great set of all the old favorite tricks…


La La loves to play!

She’s only young, but she’s already mastered an impressive array of great tricks… and she’s so enthusiastic!


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