Funny Puppies Collection.
Funny Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Videos!

Check out our funny puppies! Gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer puppies star in these funny dog videos. It’s enough to make you wanna go awwwwww…

If you have only been toying with the notion of getting yourself your first baby Schnauzer be warned – after watching these, how will you be able to resist the temptation?

(If you’ve ever had a Miniature Schnauzer before, well… I know you’re already sold!)

We hope you enjoy our collection of cutest Miniature Schnauzer puppy videos.


A Kaleidoscope of Funny Puppy Colors!

Gorgeous litter of Toy Schnauzer puppies romping on a bed. Here you’ll see black and liver Parti colored pups, as well as Wheaten and the usual Pepper and Salt. These guys are loads of fun!



Attack of the Water Bottle!

This cute pepper and salt puppy shows the fearlessness that the breed is historically known for when she attacks a darstardly water bottle… Well – almost!



The ball that met it’s match

Lola the baby Black Miniature Schnauzer shows a ball whose boss.



When that new outfit just isn’t you

Why you shouldn’t buy clothes for someone else… Hey, they might not like the color! Ruby shows she has her own ideas on taste…



Double trouble!

Two little Salt and Pepper puppies run amok!



Triple trouble!

This terrible threesome of Parti and Black and Silver pups are developing a taste for human flesh…



Born free

Schnauzers love to run around in the open! Molly the Black Schnauzer puppy shows her enthusiasm on her first foray off the leash in an open field.