House Training A Dog: Dog Crate Training and Dog Potty Training

House Training A Dog:
Dog Crate Training
and Dog Potty Training.

The best advice for house training a dog is right here! We review dog house training guides for dog potty training, dog crate training, paper training and more.

Schnauzer puppy training, like that for all breeds, starts with house training.

The most important thing to accept from the word go – no matter what breed you have or method for house training a dog that you use – puppy or dog house training demands commitment, time and patience. The more you put into it the quicker and easier it will be.

Above all, avoid opportunities for your dog to make a mistake, as mistakes create smells and habits that encourage your dog to do it again!

And, contrary to popular belief, when house training a dog you should NOT rub their nose in it – it’s actually counterproductive to training your pet, encourages them to hide their accidents, and may even teach them to eat their own poo!

This excellent short video explains the most important principles of successful dog potty training:



Avoid confusing your dog: Choose the method of dog house training that will work best for you and stick with it.

If you definitely do not want the dog to go potty in the house ever, go for crate training or outdoor command training – not paper or litter training.

To begin house training a dog, start by showing them where the potty is before the first accident.

If you are using paper training, have the paper down on the floor as soon as you bring the dog or puppy into the home.

For outdoor (“command”) housetraining take the dog or puppy to the designated potty area, which should be quiet and away from people.

If you are using crate training for puppy or dog potty training, you should have the proper size crate (just big enough to sleep in) already set up before bringing them home. Put them in the crate right away, reassuring them that this is their safe place, and praising them for being quiet in the crate.

After a few minutes, remove them from the crate and take them outside to potty. Make sure your dog gets plenty of relief from being in the crate too. Only use it to stop your dog from making accidents when you are sleeping or for short period when you are not able to closely supervise her inside the house.

Whatever method of house training a dog you choose, praise your puppy lavishly as soon as she has finished toileting in the right place.

Need more information?

Here’s a review of the best information on house breaking a dog available and how they rated.


Number 1 Pick

Ultimate House Training Guide US$19.95

“The Ultimate House Training Guide” comprises 126 pages of brilliant dog house training information – complete with pictures – which address all of your dog or puppy house training questions and problems.

Great Bonuses too: You also get a Free Personal Email Consultation and a Bonus set of transcripts of client questions and case studies answered personally by Scoop Olliver.

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Number 2 Pick

The Truth About Housebreaking US$17.95

“The Truth About Housebreaking” is a concise yet comprehensive 42 page eBook that gets to the point and stays on it!

It is competitively priced and includes a practical Daily Schedule to follow to optimize your house training success plus a Quick Reference Guide.

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Number 3 Pick

Complete Dog Potty US$31.77

“Complete Potty Training in 7 Days Guide” is another very comprehensive package that shows you step by step exactly how to get your dog potty trained in just 7 days using effective and proven methods.

It’s worth the extra money because you also get it as a professional MP3 audio recording that’s perfect for busy people on the go.

Plus there are 2 great Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Vet Health Tips Interview-Audio

Bonus #2: 101 Healthy Homemade Dog Recipes

If you’d like to get an idea of the quality of Sharda’s stuff before you buy, you can also subscribe to her Free e-Newsletter which is full of very good information.

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Number 4 Pick

Potty Professor US$9.95

As the testimonials attest, ebook delivers on its promise to teach you how to “house train the right way the first time” for a very reasonable price.

No frills – just the right information at the right price.

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