In Home Dog Training. Dog Training Techniques, Tips and Resources.

In Home Dog Training:
Dog Training Techniques and Resources

in home dog training

You can improve your dog’s behavior AND happiness with in home dog training.

Yes, the more you train your dog, the more content he will be.

Dogs are pack animals and you are (should be!) the leader of the pack.

Having a strong leader, and lots of ways of pleasing you, will reassure any dog as well as enrich their lives.

And dog training techniques are easy to master!

Here you’ll find useful tips, as well as many videos and types of ‘dog training for dummies’ guide for training a dog:

Free Dog Training Tips

Potty Training A Miniature Schnauzer


Why Bother Training Your Dog?

The time you put into training your dog is time well spent. A soundly trained dog is a joy to own and a source of pride to its owner.

A poorly trained dog, on the other hand, creates havoc, destroys property and is a source of regular embarrassment every time it jumps on visitors, messes on your carpets, or pulls on the leash.

Aside from that, training strengthens the bond between you and your dog, making him more responsive to your correction of any of his behavioral problems.

The attention you and the family give him every day through in home dog training makes him feel included in the pack, promoting his sense of belonging and security.

Further, a trained dog becomes more sensitive to your displeasure and much keener to avoid it. By training your dog you also stimulate his capacity to learn, making him even more amenable to further training.

What’s Better: In Home Dog Training or Classes?

We recommend Puppy Preschool as a great way to enrich Schnauzer puppy training, and Obedience classes too for adult Schnauzer training if you and your dog both enjoy it.

However, not everyone has the time available to attend organized classes.

• Because daily repetition is one of the most crucial dog training techniques, some in home dog training is always essential. • It is also very convenient. You don’t have to drive anywhere! • It is easy at home to snatch 10 minutes of the day to work with your dog. • And it is cheap! • Once you’ve mastered the basic dog training techniques and principles you will be empowered to help your dog reach his potential.


Time + Information = Success!


Once you are willing to put in a little bit of time each day, all you need is the right information.


In order to have a good dog, you have to learn how to be a good owner!
The small amount of effort and time you put into learning basic dog training techniques, and applying them, will reward you with a dog that is a pleasure to own for the 12 to 15 years that he is part of your life.



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