Labrador Puppies for Sale Kansas City MO : Trained Labrador Retriever Puppies

Lisa has Labrador puppies for sale Kansas City, MO.  These Labrador Retriever puppies are ready to go now and have had their training started.

About Lisa’s Labrador Puppies for Sale

labrador puppies for sale MO

Labrador Puppies for Sale Kansas City MO

These kids were born 8 May 2021 so are ready now.  Their breeder Lisa puts lots of love into her babies.  These guys have been lovingly reared in a family home and well socialized so they are ready to bond with your family.

Lisa has both golden labrador retriever puppies and black labrador retriever puppies available now.

The parent dogs are health tested so your puppy has the best chance of a long and healthy life with you.

Potty Trained Puppies For Sale

labrador-retriever-puppies-for-sale-Kansas-CityLisa only offers potty trained puppies for sale.

Her Labrador Retriever puppies have been carefully conditioned from their early life to toilet outside.

This makes it dramatically easier for her new owners to potty train the puppies in their new forever-home environment.

Every week of their life Lisa is providing and reinforcing their lessons so you can benefit.

Save time and effort with these trained Labrador puppies for sale.  These are not only potty trained but have already also been taught to come and sit!

Child-friendly Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale MO

The Labrador Retriever is well known for being a safe dog for the family.  This is why they are the most popular breed in the world!  Lisa’s Labrador Retriever puppies come from bomb-proof parent dogs that are kind and gentle.  She also gets them used to being around small children during the impressionable early imprinting period that occurs between 3 weeks and 8 weeks of age.

To ensure each puppy goes to the best fit home, Lisa also assesses their personality and temperament to make sure your Labrador Retriever puppy will fit in well with your family.

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