Mini Schnauzer Grooming Tips for Pets

Mini Schnauzer Grooming
and Schnauzer Cut:
Tips for Pets

Interested in tips for Miniature Schnauzer grooming from a Mini Schnauzer grooming salon professional?

Our grooming a schnauzer video [just $37] shows how to transform a scruffy farm schnauzer into a handsome prince!


Start with the RIGHT EQUIPMENT

Here’s How to Select:

• The best dog clippers for the job.

• The right set of dog nail clippers.

Grooming the Schnauzer – How Often?

To keep your dog looking great, clipping and grooming a miniature schnauzer is recommended every 6 weeks.

However, in winter you may elect to skip one schnauzer cut and perhaps just trim around the bottom instead.

And to maintain your dog’s appearance in between clips, you need to brush the coat regularly (see a video of the best way to do this at the bottom of this page).

DIY Mini Schnauzer Grooming

Doing your own schnauzer cut isn’t difficult at all.

To make the job easy you do need to invest in the best dog clippers (Wahl, Andis or Oster pet clippers) which will cost you a couple of hundred dollars but last for years and reliably breeze through any coat.

However, over the life of your dog this investment will repay itself over and over again, and save you a lot of money.

And you will enjoy the convenience of being able to do your own schnauzer hair cut and groom at home rather than have to leave your dog at the salon several times a year.

Is Your Schnauzer a Ruffian?

The Mini Schnauzer was originally bred for farm and stable, and that’s exactly the sort of life they lead on our property.

From a schnauzer’s point of view, romping around the paddocks, wading in dams, and fossicking about in the shed for vermin is heaven, but it sure is bad news for their coat!

Here our professional dog groomer Anne takes on the challenge to transform a rough farm schnauzer into a handsome example of the breed.


DIY Mini Schnauzer Grooming DVD

Grooming a miniature schnauzer whose coat has been perfectly maintained since the last schnauzer hair cut is something any fool can do. But what about grooming a schnauzer who is a mess?


Free with all of my puppies.


If you want to see how to go about grooming a schnauzer that is full of knots and felted tangles, our full downloadable DVD has all the dog grooming instruction and tips you need to do the job with a minimum of fuss and end up with a great result.

This dog grooming dvd comprises over 95 minutes of Mini Schnauzer grooming know how!

It’s dog grooming az the easy way, and clearly demonstrates:

• A simple technique to help the fearful dog that will make sedating a dog for grooming a thing of the past.

• The pro dog grooming supplies to get to make every aspect of mini schnauzer grooming a breeze.

• Dog nail grooming and a simple home remedy to stop bleeding.

• What clipper blade sizes to use for each job.

• Tips to longer lasting blades.

• An easy trick for making your schnauzer cut last longer.

• 4 clever strategies to make tangles easier to remove.

• How to bust felted knots without spoiling the finished look of your dog.

• Scissoring techniques for that professional look.

• The embarrassing mistake most groomers make when grooming schnauzer bottoms!

• Trimming the feet for good looks and a cleaner house!

• A salon trick for plucking schnauzer ears without the risk of hurting your dog.

This 1 ½ hour DVD will play on all computers, playstations and DVD players.

All my new owners get this DVD for FREE.  To check for available puppies, click here.

About Anne, Our Professional Dog Groomer

Anne has been a professional dog groomer for 8 years. She trained and worked in a salon in the US where the breed is very popular and has thousands of hours experience Mini Schnauzer grooming. This lady knows her stuff!

Note: These dog grooming instructions are perfect for the pet Schnauzer ONLY. Believe it or not, Schnauzers must be plucked for the show ring… ouch!

Grooming a Schnauzer Between Clips

If you are like most owners and prefer to have your miniature schnauzer grooming done by a professional, then you still need to take care of its coat between trips to the salon.

Here are some free dog grooming tips for keeping your Mini Schnauzer’s coat looking good:


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