Healthy Pet Fountain

The Healthy Pet Fountain delivers filtered, living water to promote better health for your precious pet.  This drinker has the same features as the popular Drinkwell pet fountain but is more affordable.

All animals instinctively prefer running water.  They seem to know it’s better for them.

The Healthy Pet Fountain helps your pet by filtering out toxins and circulating the water to dynamically enhance its structure.

pet drinking fountain

After air, water is the most essential element to life.  Adequate hydration with high quality water is vital to the proper functioning in the body including:

* The movement of important nutrients into body cells and removal of cell wastes.

* Proper food digestion and nutrient absorption.

* Cooling and maintenance of proper body temperature.

* Removal of wastes via bowel movements and urination.

* Lubrication and cushioning of joints for ease of movement.

Naturally, the quality of water that you give your pet directly affects their overall health.

Ordinary tap water is usually of poor quality owing to addition of chemicals, and staleness due to the clustering of water molecules.

This is easy to see for yourself the difference water quality makes.  Have you ever noticed how vibrantly plants in your garden respond to a little rain compared to tap water?  Rain droplets are naturally energised and optimally structured to impart vitality to plants and animals.  After a while however its structure deteriorates along with its ability to hydrate the cells of the body.

Restructuring water energizes it, restoring the original molecular state.  Energized water is super-hydrating and is a key to health, healing and vitality for your pet.

The Healthy Pet Fountain optimizes the health of your pet in two ways:

* Cleans out impurities by passing the water through an activated charcoal filter, so it’s not only cleaner, but also tastes and smells better.

* The fountain flow dynamically enhances and structures the water.  In nature, turbulence and aeration are the key to healthy water and the easiest method for improving the structure of water.  Our pet drinking fountain achieves this through repeatedly stirring and circulating the water.

Specifications of the Healthy Pet Fountain:

Adjustable flow control
Holds up to 4 litres of waters
Suitable for up to 2 cats / small-medium dog
Dishwasher safe components
5 interchangeable spout rings to customise the flow
Submersible pump
Rubber feet to prevent sliding
Free falling stream
Charcoal water filter
Dimensions: 356mm (l) x 356mm (w) x 203mm (h)
1 year warranty

Enhance the life of your precious pet through better health and hydration with the Healthy Pet Fountain.

Just $43.95 plus postage within Australia.


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