Schnauzer Guardian Home Program, Perth WA Australia


Our Guardian Home Program is available to qualifying families that live within 40 km of Bullsbrook, WA Australia in the Perth or adjoining regions.

Why We Have a Guardian Home Program for our Schnauzers

When our puppies become someone’s treasured pet and are then sterilized, their genes are lost from the Schnauzer genetic pool forever.  Sadly this has been the fate of some of the very best puppies we have ever bred.  This attrition is a loss to the breed and over time weakens its genetic health.

In addition, the demand for our puppies is so high that – despite being a group of breeders – we are simply unable to meet it.  As a result waiting times have blown out to ridiculous lengths.

There is clearly a need for us to expand.  That way we can increase the puppy supply and more deserving families can have the beautiful puppies that will complete their lives.

However, we are small breeders who only like to keep a handful of dogs.  This is because it is important to us that they live as part of our family and all get the individual attention they crave and deserve.

So we started our Guardian Home Program to be able to give our new breeding dogs the benefit of living a normal life with a family, and to give the best of our puppies the chance to contribute to the genetic pool of the breed.

We certainly do not want to go down the road of the alternative, which is to keep more dogs here, and start housing them in kennels as the legislation requires for larger scale operations.

Schnauzers love human contact and do not do well in such an environment.  And the stress this engenders in the Mums is passed on to their puppies, resulting in nervous, anxious, unfriendly puppies and unhappy owners.

The Guardian Home Program means all our breeding dogs get to enjoy a loving home environment and get spoilt as all Schnauzers should!  And it also means there will be more friendly, smart, loving pups for other families.

If you’re interested in participating in the program, here is how it works.

How the Guardian Home Program works:

The female or male “pick of select litters” is sold at the usual price to an approved family that will provide a loving, secure and caring home. The family must also show they are prepared to take responsibility for enabling and supporting the breeding of their dog.  The dog comes to us to be bred, and if it is a girl, to have and suckle her puppies.

Ownership of the dog is signed over to the Guardian family subject to the Guardian family signing a restrictive breeding contract with us.

We will monitor the dog’s health, behavior and conformation.  If it is of sufficient quality for breeding this can occur once it is over 12 months old.   We determine when it will be bred and the best dog(s) to breed it with.  If for some reason I decide an animal is unsuitable for breeding, I will ask that it be spayed or neutered. When that is done, our breeding contract is null and void and the animal is able to enjoy the rest of it’s life with it’s family.

For girls we limit the number of litters to one per year so she is not away from her family too much.  All costs associated with breeding your dog is covered by us.  All costs associated with normal care of a pet dog is covered by the Guardian Family.

Schnauzer Guardian Families are Rewarded

Each time the girl has a litter the Guardian family is paid 25% of the net value of the litter.  For most litters this translates to the value of a puppy each time.

What a great way to get your second Schnauzer for FREE!!!  Many of our owners do end up getting a Schnauzer playmate to keep their first Schnauzer company anyway because two are definitely more than twice the fun :).

She may have up to 4 litters in her lifetime after which she will be sterilized at our expense.  By this time she will be around 5 to 6 years old.  And you would have been paid around $20000 or more in litter commissions and kept one puppy if you want.

Each time a boy sires a litter, the Guardian family is paid $600.  He can sire a litter multiple times a year and continue to work as a stud until he is around 8 years of age.

You also get free clipping!

To make it easy to keep in touch regularly, we clip your Schnauzer for you free of charge.  All you need do is give them a bath prior to each session.

Guardian Home Program is a Win:Win

Undoubtedly, living in a Guardian home results in a far more enjoyable life for a dog than living in a kennel. The Guardian Home Program is a good deal for the dog, a good deal for the foster family and a good deal for our breeding program.  In my opinion, it is one of those “win-win” situations for everyone involved.

Naturally it is a big responsibility, so only homes offering a high standard of care and responsibility will qualify as Guardian Homes.   If you’re interested in applying please contact me here.

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