Schnauzer Rescue

Schnauzer rescue is an uncommon thing.  So if you’re seeking a Miniature Schnauzer for adoption or Mini Schnauzer rescue or even Giant Schnauzer rescue you may be looking for a long time.

If you’re interested in welcoming an adult Schnauzer consider becoming a Guardian Home.

Why is the need for Schnauzer Rescue so rare?schnauzer-rescue

I’m not sure! But there is something about the Schnauzer that either attracts the best owners out there, or at least fosters strong commitment by owners.  As a result you will very rarely see a Giant, Standard or Miniature Schnauzer for adoption.

Schnauzer Rescue Organizations

If you aren’t put off by now, one place to start your search is to look for Schnauzer rescue organizations.  You could begin by searching under “Schnauzer rescue” in your state or nearest capital city on Facebook.

Searching on “Schnauzer rescue near me” doesn’t work on Facebook.  But it does work well in Google and will uncover lots more Schnauzer rescue organizations.

Schnauzer Rescue Groups by State (Australia)


New South Wales


Schnauzer Adoption from Breeders

Another potential source of not schnauzer rescue but schnauzer adoption is breeders.  Contact lots of breeders in your state and tell them you are interested in rehoming a retired breeding dog.  Be prepared to answer lots of questions, as breeders are often pretty fussy about where their treasured breeding dogs retire to.

You could also visit a large breeder directory in your country and search on adult dogs for sale.

Schnauzer Rescue from Dog Shelters

Schnauzers seeking adoption in dog shelters are hard to come by.  Any that do need rehoming normally are snapped up by friends, via Facebook groups or return to the breeder.  However Googling “Schnauzer rescue [YOUR-STATE]” e.g. “Miniature Schnauzer rescue WA” will uncover individual listings from dog shelters of any Schnauzers they may have available at the time.

Schnauzer Rescue via Online Classifieds

Finally, some people through no fault of their own will be having to rehome their Schnauzer.  They may for example have just lost their partner, had to move into hospice care, or move to another country.  Often they will seek a home for their Schnauzer by advertising in the pets for sale section of online classifieds.  This way they have more control of where their beloved dog ends up and can suss you out first.

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