Talking Dog Video Set Starring
Very Vocal Miniature Schnauzers!

Can dogs talk? This talking dog video set at least proves one thing… Miniature Schnauzers can and do! And they certainly seem to have a lot to say for themselves too.

Miniature Schnauzers are real characters…

They have personality plus, and often seem to understand everything you say. Now, some of them are talking back!

We scoured all the funny dog video clips we could find to present to you this great collection of Schnauzer video “talkies”.

Mini Schnauzer Saying Mama!

We all remember our babies’ first word, and most of the time – you guessed it – it was Mama. Now, that wouldn’t have been because Mom was busy coaching them from the sidelines, would it?

At least one Schnauzer Mom seems to have done a pretty good job at coaching her baby…


Here talkative Madison is have a great conversation with mum

Some Schnauzers always have to have the last word in any conversation.

In this funny dog video, Madison keeps up an animated two-way banter with his mum.


Schnauzers can talk!

In this video, our Mini is doing his best to let his Mom know that he is definitely unhappy with being left alone when she went out.  Some owners are SOOOOOO unreasonable aren’t they? But you have to give him full marks for persistence!

What is Milly trying to say?

Milly the Miniature Schnauzer uses actions and words to try to get through. And what she is trying to communicate seems so very important… to her!