Whelping Puppies. How to Midwife a Dog Giving Birth.

Whelping Puppies.
How to Midwife a Dog Whelping.
& Manage A Dog Giving Birth.


A guide to whelping puppies: dog whelping for beginners.

A dog giving birth needs the right care.

Here you’ll learn how to manage puppy whelping and successfully midwife puppies being born.

Whelping problems are distressing and expensive.

The good news is that most of them are usually preventable with sound canine whelping management – both before and during the birth.

whelping puppies

I’ve been successfully whelping pups of my breeding Schnauzers for 18 years.

Not once in many dozens of dog births have any of mine needed a caesarian.

Whether you are whelping large breed dogs or whelping Yorkies, the same principles apply to ensure successful midwifery of a dog giving birth.

Follow these principles and you too can be breeding without the worry of whelping problems. For expert guidance on the following aspects of breeding (and much more) check out our Dog Breeding Success ebook package here.

dog whelping

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