Why is my Black Schnauzer Going Chocolatey/Reddish?

Why is my Black Schnauzer Going Chocolatey/Reddish?

by Su
(Melville WA)

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Hi Meg

How are you?
Sammy is doing well and a total part of our family now. He is very affectionate and a great pup all round, pulling on his lead aside.

I have a query though. He has some whites sprouting, is this usual?

I notice the sheen of his fur on legs look chocolatey, too.

It’s less that I’m fussed and more that I’m curious.




Hi Su

All schnauzers have a “fading gene” in them that causes their coat to fade quite quickly in many cases as they mature. Black will normally become a dark smoky gun metal grey colour. Chocolate hues may indicate his diet is a little low in copper, as this is more typically seen with mild copper deficiency (black coats have a high need for copper to stay black). Copper can be toxic in high doses too so care is needed. I recommend either asking at a pet shop for a coat supplement for black pets, or simply make up the multi-mix supplement described on my website here:




PS A halter will stop him pulling.}

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