White Schnauzer Puppies

White schnauzer puppies for sale are still a relatively rare thing in Australia.  However, numbers are growing steadily as more miniature schnauzer breeders import white schnauzers from overseas.

I’ve heard a few funny urban myths about white schnauzers already.  The truth of the matter is that they are simply the same lovely miniature schnauzer that just happens to be white!  The white schnauzer puppies currently available in Australia are of the kind that have the coat colour switched off by a special recessive gene.  So they are actually normal coloured schnauzers with the colour switched off.  They still however have black noses and normal skin colour.

White Schnauzer Puppies sometimes available!

white schnauzer puppies for saleAmong my little group of ethical miniature schnauzer breeders we have one who has fallen in love with the beauty of the gorgeous, rare whites and produced their first all white litter in December 2016.

There are a couple of pure white litters scheduled for 2017.

As with all our puppies, these are guaranteed to be neither inbred nor line bred.  Their parents are from champion European bloodlines.  These pure white miniature schnauzer puppies are being raised in an intimate family environment.  They even learn to use a doggy door and toilet outside before living with you!

To express your interest in this or future litters please email me now.



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