Funny Dog Video Clip Gallery!

Funny Dog Video Clip Collection Starring…
Mini Schnauzer Comedians!

Was it hard to put together a Funny dog video clip gallery devoted to the Mini Schnauzer?

No way!

These guys are natural born comedians! In fact these funny dog videos make the biggest of our Schnauzer video collections.

Sit back, make yourself comfortable and get ready to laugh…


Can a Mini Schnauzer have too many toys?

Being just so naturally playful, Minis love toys! How much do they love them? Well, see for yourself….



When toys ain’t toys

But sometimes your Schnauzer might find your thongs more interesting than her ball…



If you need some encouragement to exercise…

Everyone knows that having a dog is great encouragement to exercise. It’s a fact: people who own dogs walk a lot more than those that don’t. But if your dog is a Mini Schnauzer, that encouragement can go a little over board at times!


Waging war on housework

One of the great things about the breed is that Schnauzers don’t shed much hair. So they are great for reducing housework, right? Well, these little guys have declared war….



Great buddies

What could be more fun than romping around on the bed playing with your best mate… even if she is a cat!!!



Schnauzers can be funny, but what about their owners?

While Schnauzers are real characters, Schnauzer-lovers definitely are a special breed all of their own too! You might even say, it takes one to own one…

The ghost in the machine

Ever felt spooked by a machine? Well, this Schnauzer did…


When that new outfit just isn’t you

Why you shouldn’t buy clothes for someone else… Hey, they might not like the color!



Tackling dangerous adversaries

Schnauzers are great watchdogs. When something truly dangerous comes along, you can count on your Mini to deal with it!



Awww….. How cute!

Schnauzer adult plays ever so gently with his tiny new friend (she manages to do a pretty good job of beating him up!).



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