Cutest Pictures of Schnauzers.

Pictures of Schnauzers.
My Schnauzer’s Cuter Than Your Schnauzer!

pictures of schnauzers

Share pictures of Schnauzers here! Is your Mini the cutest?

This is the place to brag and show off your Miniature Schnauzer photos.

You can even vote for your favorite Mini Schnauzer pictures.

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Share your pics with other Schnauzer lovers and tell us a bit about your cute Mini Schnauzer too – we’d love to hear 🙂

My Schnauzer’s Cuter Than Your Schnauzer!

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Here’s Your Competition!

Click below to see contributions from other Schnauzer owners who reckon THEIR Mini is the cutest around…

Baylor is a 5 month old salt and pepper mini. He is about 12 lbs. I have three children: two teenagers and a 6 year old. He fits right in and acts just …

Yoda the Schnauzer is the Apple of Our Eye 
Hi Meg,

I thought you may appreciate a photo of our Little Man, Yoda, taken last week at the beach.

He came from your associate breeder, Dale, in …

Our Mini Schnauzer Betsie 
Betsie is our 6mth old, Salt & Pepper Mini Schnauzer. She is the most adorable dog I have ever encountered and has become our family’s pride and joy. …

Jasper is a Cool Surfer Dude 
Hi Meg

We thought you might like to see Jasper’s progress. He’s taken up surfing 🙂

He’s still gorgeous and full of cheeky mischief!!


Daisy and Kelsey 
Daisy (salt and pepper) is our foster child and Kelsey came to Darwin to live with us in February. Kelsey is soon to be 1….so cute and loving and gentle. …

Boomer’s color 
Hi Meg and everyone…
Boomer is an 11-months-old boy and still now I don’t his color 🙁

Some people told me he is a salt and pepper schnauzer, …

Big Boy Basil 
Basil is almost 12 months old now and is bigger than his big sister Peppa. He is a bit of a talker too which we love hearing.

Basil likes to get …

Update on Sienna 
Sienna is now 6 months old. We go to training every Sunday at the Northern Suburbs Dog Club and she is progressing through the classes a great rate, as …

What is BOOMER’s color? 
Hi Meg, very nice your blog…
I’m trying to figure out the Boomer’s color!!! Boomer is a 4-months-years-old boy, I am not sure if he will be salt and …

Meet Sienna 
Sienna is lovely. Like most puppies Sienna loves to chew, play bite, chase her tail and steal things to play with and she still doesn’t like her collar. …

Beautiful Basil! 
Hi Meg ….Basil is going really really well, we love him to bits, he is just so adorable! And I must praise you on what a great job you have done in …

Ella the Cuddly Schnauzer 
Just wanted to let you know that Ella is doing really well and we are so happy to have her. Ella can be so playful playing fetch, chasing our kids, going …

Red Salt & Pepper/ Liver & Tan Standard Schauzer! 
I have succeeded in breeding a lovely litter from my Red Salt & Pepper lady and have kept the darkest daughter for the future. She had 4 Red Salt & Pepper …

Markus at 4 months old 
Hi Meg, congratulation on your new forum opening.

Markus is new addition to our family. We chose the miniature schnauzer breed as our dog for their …

Natural Born Killer! 
Lucy Ana is on constant lizard patrol but she never met a person she did not like.

Isn’t he lovely? 
My baby is 5 months old Mini Schnauzer, He loves to run around the pool in the yard. Rub his stomach and he will lay for hours. Wilton loves to play all …

Tell you about my schnauzer ? How bout I tell you about my collection
I have 5 schnauzers 1 in every size and color
Katie -14 white mini schnauzer 17 …

Schnapps Not rated yet
Such a sweetie. Learning how to do tricks at puppy class.


Monty – What a joy he is! Not rated yet
Monty is the happiest fellow in the world, loves everybody including all the dogs in the park, eats anything you put in front of him, loves to be trained …

Is a schnauzer ok in a unit? Not rated yet

Just a quick question to schnauzer owners. We are in a one bedroom apartment is this too small for a schnauzer? My husband is home by 1pm daily & …

The Flintstone Family Not rated yet
We have two mini schnauzers named Pebbles and BamBam, they are 9 years old. They are the best babies you have ever seen. Pebbles is black and white and …

Our little girl “Ruby” Not rated yet
Ruby will be 13 this year, she has been the love of our lives. Ruby has always been a great talker, but unfortunately she is now very hard at hearing and …

Albi Update Not rated yet
Hi Meg,
How time flies, Albi will be a year old in the next few days, he’s an absolute joy to have around and has become quite a character, can’t imagine …

Pepper’s Puppy Graduation Not rated yet
Hi Meg

We thought you would like to see this photo of Pepper with his graduation certificate from puppy Kindy.

He has been to four classes at …

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She is just full of energy and loves to bite everything on her way!!!

White Chocolate “Flurry” Sensation Not rated yet
“Flurry” is the sweetest, most cuddly and intelligent mini around! She makes a forever impression on everone she meets. Now we all know mini’s are very …

Maestro our beautiful boy. Not rated yet
Maestro is now 16 weeks old and we love him so much. He makes us laugh every day and has a fantastic personality.

Oscar and Indie Update Not rated yet
Hi Meg

Just thought we’d say hi & let you know how Oscar & Indie are going.

They’ve finished puppy pre school, LOVE the dog beach, don’t mind the …

Harley aka The Stink & Roxy Girl Not rated yet
I have two gorgeous miniature schnauzers, a little boy called Harley who is nearly two years old and Roxy who is 3.

Harley’s nickname is ‘Stinky’. …

Lala is Naughty and Nice 🙂 Not rated yet
Hi Meg

As promised we want to let you know how Lala is going. She is fabulous!
Just the right amount of naughty, but with lots and lots of good! She …

Herschel the Intelligent Schnauzer Not rated yet
Hi Meg

A few pic’s here for you, everything going well. We look forward to taking him for walks soon.

Herschel is the star of puppy pre school! …

Playful Connie the Schnauzer Pup Not rated yet
Hi Meg

Thought you would like a Connie update. She is a bundle of joy. She just loves playing with balls, loves everyone, wants to play with all friends’ …

Oscar and Indie! Not rated yet
Hi Meg

Here’s a couple of photos of Oscar & Indie that we took a while ago.

They are so good & an absolute delight to have around! They are doing …

Gemma at 2 Years Old Not rated yet
Dear Meg

Lynn and I thought you might like to see Gemma at two years old. The photo was taken at Dunsborough, which she just loves. She was in need …

Delightful Little Peppa Not rated yet
Hi Meg

Peppa is brilliant, a truly lovely little dog. We absolutely adore her!

She is liking puppy pre school, and we are looking forward to one …

My mini Schnauzer Not rated yet
My cute 3 month old and 4.1 pound miniature schnauzer ‘Tiny Tina’ loves to be part of the family. After her meal she runs around the house to drain her …

Bonnie Girly our best friend Not rated yet
She was a present from Santa and since she entered in our home in 2010 she has won over our hearts. Adorable, gentle, smart, funny and kindhearted are …

Albi the Schnauzer puppy’s first days in his new home Not rated yet
Albi was an only child and has been reared with lavish amounts of attention. He is a sparky, cheeky little fellow and luckily his new owners, Pat and …

Matrix from New York, USA Not rated yet
Smart,sometimes too smart! Cute, and he knows it! Independent. Very good teacher…he has trained my wife,Ellen, to open the door every time he barks. …

Pippa the poser Not rated yet
My little girl is just about to turn 1 year old. So I thought I’d share a picture of how cute she was when she was a little puppy. She’s still gorgeous, …

Guinness Turns One! Not rated yet
Hi Meg,

Thought it was time to send through an updated photo to you of Guinness. Can’t believe he is now 1.

Alison N

Chilli is Hot Stuff! Not rated yet
Hi Meg

This is a very recent picture of Chilli (hot stuff) in her usual perch
sitting on top of the back of the lounge where she can get a good view …

Should We Get a Friend for Sarge? Not rated yet
We are so pleased to find a website that provides information about our new Mini Schnauzer Sarge – A 5 month old puppy that has proven to be very smart. …

What Could be Better than Owning A Schnauzer? Owning TWO! Not rated yet
Hi Meg

Well Keira is nearly 1 year old now, and she is coming along beautifully! So much so that we have decided that we would love to join your waiting …

Happiness is a Mini Schnauzer! Not rated yet
I bought Sienna (from Jett & Chloe) in Jan 2010. A quick update on Sienna; now 16 months old, people ask if she’s still a puppy because she is quite little. …

Misty Grace Experiencing Life Not rated yet
Misty Grace loves to go on car rides and as soon as she hears those keys, lookout! She DEMANDS to go. She is a very smart little girl, and trying to …

Summertime Sienna  Not rated yet
Sienna is now 11 months old, very easy going, energetic, patient and so loving.

Sirk Vom Stricker Not rated yet
He has more energy than Arizona Public service (the local power company)!

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Chief and Scout Not rated yet
These two guys are brothers from different batches. Scout (right) is a little over 1 year, and Chief (left) is almost 3. They are both very energetic and …

Suzy Not rated yet
Suzy is a chocolate and tan teacup schnauzer. She is about 10 weeks old and 2 lbs. She loves to chew on everything.

Chase the Kibble Not rated yet
Our mini’s name is Schatzie, which means something like “little treasure” in German, and she really is our little treasure.

I couldn’t believe how smart …

Latest on Basil Not rated yet
Hi Meg
Just another update on Basil and some more piccies. Our little fella is doing great, he has just completed his puppy pre-school and has graduated …

What Could be Cuter than Me? Not rated yet
Hello Meg, I graduated from Puppy School on Monday. I got to wear a bandana with Molly embroidered on it and I thought you might like to see a photo. …

Smart Little Sally Not rated yet
What can I say about Sally, she is gorgeous,sweet and very naughty at times. Only puppy things but we had forgotten it is like having a baby. Her attention …

Lexie – The Cleverest Schnauzer Puppy Not rated yet
Hi Meg, Just thought I’d send you a photo of the gorgeous Lexie almost 10 months old now!

She has such a beautiful nature & the clever little thing …

Marley Not rated yet
Marley’s bossy. Big surprise, a bossy Schnauzer! Feed me, rub my belly, take me to the park, make room for me on your lap because here I come! I think …

Sophie Not rated yet
I trained Sophie to tap a bell hung from a string to tell us to open the door for her. She has a doggie door now, but still rings the bell for attention …

Sophie & Marley Not rated yet
Sisters forever.

Sophie & Marley Not rated yet
Marley thinks she’s a cat. Likes to climb up on the back of the couch and onto the kitchen table. Sophie is a princess — a fairweather dog, no rain …

Hula and Henry Not rated yet
Hula and Henry are brother and sister and love each other to bits!

At 6 months, Henry now weights 6 kgs while Hula is only 5kgs. They are both delightful …

What a Difference a Haircut Can Make! Not rated yet
Hi Meg

Rosie is looking a lot better since her trip to the hairdressers. I think I might be able to take it from here with the grooming. The kids …

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